[Updated] Hardware: Shipbreaker’s Prospector Guide Introduces The World of LM-27

[Updated] Hardware: Shipbreaker’s Prospector Guide Introduces The World of LM-27

Blackbird Interactive have unveiled the Prospector’s Calling, the first of a series of videos detailing the backstory of their upcoming RTS, Hardware: Shipbreakers, which you can view below. Gamers can also pre-purchase The Prospector’s Guides, gaining information on unit types, and help introduce new content in the game’s fiction, including characters, new units, and more.

Blackbird Interactive are also introducing their VIP Package, which include’s the game’s soundtrack, guaranteed early closed beta access, and more:

  • Unreleased high-res game concept art from Aaron Kambeitz, Rob Cunningham and Cody Kenworthy!
  • The HARDWARE: Shipbreakers Official Soundtrack by Paul Ruskay (when available).
  • FIRST WAVE VIP chat: Moderated web-chat with an “ask me anything” perspective with core team members where non-public information will be discussed.
  • Special Feedback Forum: Your ideas count!
  • Stake Your Claim: Land naming rights to the first 2,000 FIRST WAVE VIP PACKAGES purchased.

You can also expect to see in the Prospector’s Guide Highlights:

  • Getting Acquainted: The History of Long March Industries, LMI and You, What It Takes To Succeed, Your First 72 Hours, Known Shipwreck Manifests and Coordinates.
  • Equipment Catalog: Military Ground Support, Aerial Support and Attack Strategies.
  • Operator’s Manual: Baserunner Model, Packages, Options & Accessories, Capabilities and Best Uses.

Hardware: Shipbreakers is set to release later this year.

UPDATE: The Pre-Sale Campaign is in response to fan desire to support Hardware‘s growth, and get more immersed in the universe of the franchise. In addition, the Prospector’s Guides will connect to gamers through various mediums and multiple platforms to make for one fully connected experience.