Hardware: Shipbreakers Unleashes The Titanic Baserunner Onto LM-27

May 20, 2013

The creators of Homeworld have just unveiled their newest Hardware: Shipbreakers episode, which introduces a mighty war horse vehicle called the Baserunner. The Baserunner, which you can view below, is a titanic vehicle that was thought to be on its way to retirement… until the shipwrecks of LM-27 were discovered.

Described as versatile, tough, and infinitely customizable, the Baserunner’s sheer size and power make it the “ultimate vehicle for tearing across the rugged terrain of LM-27.”

Like the first episode that introduced the world of LM-27, this video gives players a closer peek at the world of Hardware: Shipbreakers. To sign up for the upcoming beta, check out the BBI beta page, and to learn more about the First Wave VIP package, check out BBI’s store page.



Masoud House

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