Harley Quinn Gets a New Voice Actor for Arkham City

Harley Quinn Gets a New Voice Actor for Arkham City


Usually the announcement of a change in voice actor for a video game isn’t a very big deal. There’s one big difference in this particular case that is going to possibly upset longtime fans of not only Harley Quinn, but Batman and comic book fans in general. Arleen Sorkin is reportedly being replaced as the voice for Harley Quinn in the upcoming Arkham City. Her replacement is reported to be Tara Strong, who actually has a quite impressive voice acting resume and seems she would fit the part wonderfully if not for one fact; Arleen Sorkin IS Harley Quinn.

For those who don’t know, Harley Quinn is actually a character that first appeared on the incredible Batman: The Animated Series in the 90s and proved to be so incredibly popular and loved that she became a ‘canon’ character, appearing in the comic books. The thing is, Arleen Sorkin has been the voice of Harley since the very beginning (including in Arkham Asylum).

Other than a very few select animated movies, Arleen has always been the voice of Harley and this move is very intriquing. I don’t doubt that Tara Strong will do a fine job, I just want to know…why?

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