Spoof: Harmonix Announces a Metal Gear Game?

Spoof: Harmonix Announces a Metal Gear Game?

Spoof: Harmonix Announces a Metal Gear Game?
Am I the only one to find this a little bit..odd? From the looks of what Game Informer has said, it has now become known that Harmonix, a company known for their popular band/music games, has decided to make their own rendition of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise. The name of the game will be Metal Gear Band Central. Metal GearBand Central.

No other information about this apparent game has been released, and Harmonix Co-Found Alex Rigopulos has even said,

“I don’t know exactly how it’s going to work…Maybe Snake will have a guitar. Maybe he’ll just shoot stuff and wait through extra-long cinematic sequences. Whatever we do, you can be confident that it’ll make all the previous games in the franchise pale in comparison.”

Ouch…and Mr. Rigopulos doesn’t stop there,

“We’ve had such tremendous success taking Konami’s ideas and making them a hundred times better,” explains Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos in a recent press release. “We just figured, why stop while we’re ahead? It just seems like the next logical step in bridging the gap between Konami’s games and the players who don’t play them.”

From the looks of what has been said and the actions made, it would appear that Harmonix really has it in for Konami, but don’t think this is intimidating the man behind this popular franchise. In a simple sentece, Hideo Kojima seemed to brush off the news by saying,

“Have you seen our new trailer? Snake’s in a cardboard box again!”

So how do you think this new (yet unconfirmed) game will pan out? Do you really think Harmonix will make this legendary series look like the creation of a three year old? Let us know your thoughts!

*Note* This was a spoof article by GameInformer, apparently April Fools came a bit late this year.