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Harry Potter Fan Art Sees a Collection of Incredibly Illustrated Books

"Yer a wizard Harry."

Last month, we saw the unfortunate delay to Hogwarts Legacy, an RPG set in the 1800s of the Harry Potter universe. Developed by Avalanche Software, the game was officially confirmed in September last year although a leaked trailer made the rounds beforehand giving excited fans a taste of what they could be expecting. As we wait until 2022 to find out what Harry and the gang are up to, we have a host of gorgeous Harry Potter fan art books for you to gaze over until then.

A very talented comic book artist named Gabriel Picolo has beautifully illustrated a collection of Harry Porter books that display characters from the much-loved movie and soon to be game. The use of color mixed in with some incredible artwork and text would make any Potter fan weak at the knees and proud to sit upon their bookshelf. As you can see from the images below, Picolo’s use of vibrant shades brings the entire art piece to life. I think my favorite hand-made book by the artists is the Albus Dumbledore section where we see the wizard and a beautiful phoenix in a chapter called “Pets of the Wizarding World”.

Of course, there’s the darker side to Picolo’s art where they draw a fantastic and chilling Dementor performing the Dementor’s Kiss on Harry Potter, an act of sucking out a person’s soul which was sometimes used as a sentence for criminals by the Ministry of Magic, and is considered a fate worse than death. If you’d like to check out Picolo’s Instagram page, they have a huge array of incredible artworks that include drawings from DC comics “Beast Boy”.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released sometime in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

Rachael Fiddis

Rachael, who is Head of Culture, has been gaming for many years. Some of her favourite video games include The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us but also loves a good indie title. Gaming Culture is where her heart lies and spends many hours sieving through gaming fan art and cosplay displays. Other than gaming, Rachael is a book nerd and music lover.

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