Harry Potter RPG "Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy" Details Seemingly Leaked

An extensive list of details seem to explain the upcoming Hogwarts game.

You may recall a gameplay video that has since been removed, showing what appeared to be an upcoming game set in the world of Harry Potter. Warner Bros Entertainment Interactive filed copyright takedowns of the videos, and later it was confirmed that a Harry Potter game was in the works. The source stated that the game was titled Harry Potter Magic Awakened although it has other names apparently. We were expecting it to be revealed earlier this year, but that never happened.

Now there’s a fresh leak that has been posted onto Reddit (Thanks, VG247), that seems to reveal a plethora of new information. According to the leaker, they work at Warner Bros in the Marketing department. The first bit of information is that it won’t even include Harry Potter’s name in the title and will instead be known as Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy.

Players will reportedly get to customize their characters and will get to decide whether or not they are muggle-born, pureblood, or half-blood. The player is also apparently a 5th-year student transferring from another wizard school. Player’s will also get to be sorted into one of the four houses which will have unique quest lines. There’s also a skill tree and combat is slated to be mostly about timing.

As for the timeline, the leaker claims the game takes place after the series, and after Harry Potter’s kids have graduated from Hogwarts. The main antagonist is also said to be a former Death Eater with other smaller antagonists along the way. For fans of the franchise, multiple characters from the books are said to make an appearance. The game will also apparently take place in four hubs, Hogwarts, Hogsmead, and The Ministry are the only ones the leaker seems to know about.

There’s also a nemesis system in place, similar to the Shadow of Mordor games. However, the leaker says that this has been reimagined and isn’t as detailed. Enemies can be beaten, killed, or even turned into an ally. It’s also said the game will not be for children, apparently getting quite dark.

Quidditch may be present, as should a card game that seems as detailed as Gwent. It’s said that you can also romance people that you’ll wind up marrying in the end game, but it doesn’t appear as if you can have wizardly sex.

Obviously, take these details with a grain of salt, even the Reddit posts comments are demanding for some form of proof that the leaker works at Warner Bros. Some even pointing out that the previous leak seemed to show characters based in the 1800s, which contradicts the leaker’s timeline mention.

What do you think? Do you think a Harry Potter RPG game with a nemesis system and thriving magical world sounds up your Diagon Alley?

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