Harvest Moon: One World Releasing on Switch This Fall

The newest Harvest Moon title is being developed by Rising Star, which is currently publishing Deadly Premonition 2.

Quarantines have been going on for a while now, so you may have burned through all of Animal Crossing already. Without that comfy, homey sim vibe, staying inside all the time just isn’t as fun. Nintendo, not being a company to miss an opportunity, has announced a new title to possibly fill that hole: Harvest Moon: One World. Luckily, the game is set to launch this upcoming Fall, right in time for the pandemic’s second wave.

There’s very little info out there about the game at the moment. So far, One World only has a page on Nintendo’s site and a couple of announcement tweets, although there’s still something to learn here. The game’s Nintendo page describes it as your typical Harvest Moon title but with a twist. Besides managing a farm and visiting villages, One World seems to set up a grand adventure to snowy mountaintops and sandy beaches. In search of an answer to a mysterious discovery, players will have to guide their farmers across the world. Good luck picking weeds a continent away.

Because of the number of times Harvest Moon has changed hands between development studios, I’ll get this confusion out of the way now. The game isn’t being developed by Light of Hope‘s Natsume. Instead, Rising Star Games, the team currently working on Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise will have the reigns. If you’re wondering where the original developers of Harvest Moon are, they’ve been distant from the series for some time. However, they’re still working on a similar series of games titled Story of Seasons.

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