Has Street Fighter X Tekken Traded Online Sound Issues for Input Lag?

on April 13, 2012 9:30 PM

The recently released Street Fighter X Tekken patch may have finally addressed the game’s rabid online sound issues, but this seems to have come at a significant cost. Several players are reporting that since the patch dropped, input lag while playing online has increased by a noticeable amount. That seems like an awful trade, doesn’t it?

I haven’t played the game in a while and therefore can’t confirm this, but Capcom’s Christian Svensson recently issued a statement addressing this alleged new issue. 

Svensson says that, to the best of his understanding, it’s “an issue of having sounds trigger and play through frames that get dropped or rolled back”. While Svensson says that there doesn’t seem to be an issue, it does make sense that patching in properly working sound would cause the netplay to suffer. Capcom said this themselves a few weeks ago – remember?

I’d try the online out myself before making any judgement, but if input lag really has increased in lieu of functioning sounds, then Capcom may have just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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