Has Tufi, The Well-Known Apex Legends Hacker, Been Exposed?


By Soham Rane

May 10, 2021

A notorious Apex Legends hacker named Tufi is doing rounds in the game’s community. Has he finally been exposed?

Apex Legends’ most notorious and well-known alleged hacker, Tufi, is reportedly exposed.

Twitch streamer LG ShivFps met him in a match where his expletives towards him led to his infamous 7-day ban.

Since then, the Apex Legends community is in uproar over Tufi and now he is reportedly exposed.

What happened? Let’s find out.

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Who Is Tufi, Apex Legends’ Infamous Hacker?

Since March 2021, Tufi’s infamous popularity rose in the community. YouTubers and Twitch streamers have also expressed their frustation over his hacking. Above all, some are angry over Respawn’s lack of response.

One of the more popular spats was between him and popular Twitch streamer LG ShivFps. Back in April, ShivFps and his teammates were getting ready to enter a tournament lobby which eventually couldn’t start due to server failures. Above also, his teammates hinted over the possibility that it was Tufi’s doing.

Later in the stream when his lobby tries to play a game, ShivFps receives a message from Tufi even though he wasn’t in his friendlist. This also happened to his teammate. Soon enough, the game’s server crashes thus not allowing them to play the game. This takes place twice in a row and isn’t the first time Tufi reportedly harasses ShivFps.

Later on 24th April, ShivFps took out his frustrations towards Tufi by throwing in expletives while streaming. This got him a 7-day ban from the streaming service that caused issues in the community. Since then, Tufi is doing the rounds in the community more often than earlier.

Has Tufi Been Exposed?

Following the commotion on social media, YouTuber Bor0 seemingly baited the hacker into showing his driver’s license among other details.

In his YouTube video titled ‘Apex Legends Cheaters: The Hunt for Tufi #GiveMeTheHammer‘, Bor0 reportedly fakes being a journalist looking to interview the infamous hacker. The interviewee who is allegedly Tufi is seen and heard giving away his details until the interview reveals that he isn’t a journalist.

Later, the YouTuber who allegedly exposed Tufi talks about giving the alleged hacker’s details to Respawn so that they could take action against him. So far, the Apex Legends community does believe that Tufi has been exposed as seen in Reddit threads and YouTube comments.

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