A Hat in Time Gets Release Window And New Trailer

A Hat in Time Gets Release Window And New Trailer

A Hat in Time will be released this fall on Windows PC and Mac.

Today developer Gears for Breakfast announced that its game A Hat in Time will be released in Fall of 2017 on both Windows PC and Mac.

In addition to the announcement of the release date, we also get the reveal of a new act in Chapter 3 of the game titled Murder on the Owl Express. 

Someone is dead. Like… for real dead. Stabbed-in-the-back dead. In a cute 3D platformer. And it’s Hat Kid’s mission to solve this crime.
Will she put on a cute detective outfit? Ofcourse. Is it up to her to decide who gets life in jail? Ofcourse. Do we enjoy putting Hat Kid in messed up situations? Absolutely.

A Hat in Time isn’t about jumping around in empty levels and tasking you with collecting 100 items of whatever. We want to tell a story about a little girl, in an open free-to-explore environment, and her adventure through time and space. We hope you’ll be looking forward to the game we’ve made!

You can check out a trailer and a poster for the new act at the end of this article.

Gears for Breakfast also revealed that the next update on the development of the game will be coming in July, and will specifically highlight the goals that their Kickstarter campaign has achieved.

As of this writing A Hat in Time has currently raised almost $300,000, with a little over 9,000 backers.