Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Gets a Ton of Japanese Pre-order Bonuses

Retailer specific pre-order bonuses for games is a pretty big thing in Japan; maybe it helps spur collectors into buying the games repeatedly to get all the unique bonuses.

The latest Japanese title to get this treatment is the upcoming PS Vita and PS4 rhythm game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X. Goodies that will be available include tapestries of varying sizes, postcards and even a steel case. All of these items are colorful and appealing to the anime fan

“original Kuo Card”
(Illustration by Sai I)

WonderGOO game dealer and,
WoderGOO optimistic market store
“original tapestry (B2 size)”
(Illustration by left)

Animate all stores + animate online shop
“original cloth tapestry (B2 size)”
(Illustration by Honyarara)

Chara-Ani .com
“Original Post Card”
(Illustration by Nidy-2D-)

Gamers all stores + Gamers online shop
“original tapestry (B2 size)”
(Illustration by Rella)

“Original steel book
(disk storage type) ”
(Illustration by toi8)

Sofmap (new TV game handling all stores)
“original tapestry (B2 size)”
(Illustration by KEI)

Famizu-treasure So-ko (※ 1)
“original tapestry (A3 size)”
(Illustration by bob)

You can see the full list of retailers at the game’s website, although many of the samples aren’t up yet. Such fan service is unlikely to accompany the game’s still unconfirmed western launch, but the given the series’ release history we will very likely get the game. Hardcore collectors can always import the extras.

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