Hatsune Miku is Singing Her Way Into Oculus

Hatsune Miku is Singing Her Way Into Oculus

Oculus Rift users will be able to enjoy Hatsune Miku's singing in VR this June.

Hatsune Miku VR will be available on Oculus Rift starting June 6. This makes it the second VR headset compatible with the game together with HTC Vibe.

Launched on Steam in March 2018, Hatsune Miku VR is a rhythm game featuring 19 songs from the most popular Vocaloid composers, multiple stages, and different outfits to dress up Hatsune Miku. The Oculus Rift version will also feature Snow Miku’s costume and a negi glowstick for meme purposes.

I don’t think anyone reading this doesn’t know about Hatsune Miku, but she’s what we call a Vocaloid. Basically, she’s a bank of digital voices made by using voice actress Saki Fujita’s voice, and you can make her sing whatever lyrics with her robotics voice, to create your own songs. Hatsune Miku was developed by Crypton Future Media, and the Vocaloid technology is developed by Yamaha. There are many other Vocaloid characters nowadays. My personal favorite is Megurine Luka, who uses Yuu Asakawa’s voice.

Hatsune Miku became ultra-popular after her lanch in 2007. Whenever her birthday comes up on August 31, I’m always surprised she wasn’t actually there since the eighties. Hatsune Miku’s so much ingrained in Japanese pop culture it’s like she was always there. This sentiment is probably reinforced that virtual singers obviously did exist before Hatsune Miku, with characters like Macross Plus‘ Sharon.

Part of what made Hatsune Miku’s success is the fact that Nico Nico Douga, one of the most popular video sharing sites in Japan, is pretty strict when it comes to copyrighted content. As such people would use Hatsune Miku to make her sing existing songs or to create their own original content.

Hatsune Miku is pretty much everywhere. Most of her rhythm games are developed by Sega. Multiple game and anime characters are also directly inspired by Vocaloids, such as the Vocaldoll characters in the PriPara franchise, which you should definitely give a watch along with Pretty Rhythm/King of Prism.

You can watch the trailer for Hatsune Miku VR below.