Haunted PS1 Demo Disc Offers 17 Throwback Spooky Games for Free

Haunted PS1 has released a demo disc including 17 games–many full length–in a PS1 horror style that you can try for free.

This week, HauntedPS1 on Twitter released a free demo disc of PS1-style horror games. The demo disc includes a whooping 17 games and can easily be downloaded online.

Inspired by retro horror games, each of these 17 experiences is “built on modern engines to evoke the feeling and aesthetic of late 90s games.” The project features its own terrifying box-art, plus a short-yet-descriptive write-up. Setting the scene for the games, the write-up reads; “You sit alone in your room. A dimly lit memory repeats in your head. 17 demos too horrible to describe keep you from your bed. Each one is a personally crafted nightmare. You’ve tried to tell others, no one understands.”

Additionally, don’t let the “demo disc” description fool you: many of these are full-length completed games. The 17 games featured are created by many solo developers, and the project even features an awesome trailer.

The HauntedPS1 is actually an entire community for low-res horror fans, with many of its community members in the group’s Discord. It’s amazing to see a passion project like this get published to the public. They covered all the bases, from creating fake packaging to recording a trailer and writing a paragraph that trounces the write-up for 75% of anything that releases on PSN. However, it’s even more exciting to see a positive reception to their hard work; the demo disc has a perfect five-star review score since releasing 12 hours ago on, while their tweet has over 7k likes.

With 17 retro-style horror games included, hopefully this demo disc can hold horror-fanatics off until Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 Remake releases. Until then, give this demo disc a try for no cost at all. And if you enjoy it, make sure you leave them a good review to get their project out to more people.

The 17 games included are listed below with links where you can show support to their creators: A Place, Forbidden, Dead Heat, Dread Delusion, Effigy, Erasure, Fatum Betula, FILTHBREED, Heartworm, In Somnio, KILLER BEES, Neko Yume 猫夢, Ode to a Moon – Lost Disc, Orange County, Sauna2000, Snowy Castle Game, Tastey-Ramen – Gameplay Demo, and Until Biglight.

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