Have Some Persona 4: Arena Location Test Footage and New Yukari and Junpei Details

Since Persona 4: Arena takes place well after the events of Persona 3, the Persona 3 fighters have all done a bit of aging and soul searching. Mitsuru has been running the Kirijo Corporation and being gorgeous and Akihiko has been roaming the world becoming stronger, but what have Yukari and Junpei been up to?

Well, Junpei has been coaching a little league team, which explains his costume, weapon and baseball game-play mechanic. Speaking of which, Junpei accumulates points by using certain attacks (hence the scoreboard you can see down beside his SP gauge in the screenshots) and the more points he has the more powerful his attacks become. Like in his native game, his Persona Trismegistus can perform fire attacks. Junpei can use his bat to deflect projectiles.

Yukari on the other hand has been working as an actress in Super Sentai shows, which explains her Featherman R costume. Like in Persona 3, her Persona Isis has powerful wind techniques. Yukari has access to a wide range or projectile attacks thanks to her bow, and she’ll undoubtedly be a more zoning oriented, long range fighter. According to early impressions, Yukari is also exceptionally fast and agile.

We also now know that the game will include at least two new stages. These are the Junes department store from Persona 4 (which you can see in the videos below) and the entrance to Persona 3‘s Tartarus. This info combined with ArcSys’s release history further convinces me that this game will be closer to Persona 4: Arena 2 than it will be to Super Persona 4: Arena.

Some surprisingly clear early game-play footage from the location tests for the game has also been shared, courtesy of YouTuber Aristobule. Check it out below. Junpei looks as hilarious as always!

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