Haven Newest Trailer Reveals PS5 Launch

Haven revealed new areas in its latest trailer, and a big surprise: The RPG is now coming to PS5 in 2020.

July 1, 2020

The Game Bakers published a new trailer for its upcoming game Haven, most notably revealing the RPG is now coming to PS5. You can catch the trailer further below.

The trailer reveals a new green-y area in the co-op adventure and it definitely feels fresh and surprising. Surprise is one of the emotions the devs want from the players, and part of why they made Haven instead of a sequel to Furi. Another reason being how taxing Furi was to develop. Haven is a feelgood game, but not without tension and action, and aims to make players live a relaxing experience.

This also transpires in the game’s design. For example, there’s no direct quest log in a “tasks to complete” way, and instead, the two protagonists Kay and Yu have a logbook to help you remember what to look out for.


All of this is explained in a new post on PlayStation Blog by Emeric Thoa, Creative Director at The Game Bakers.

Haven was first announced in February 2019. Developing studio The Game Bakers is known for 3D action game Furi. It mixes shmup elements with inspirations such as Devil May Cry, and is extremely nervous, the total opposite of Haven. The new RPG features a hetero couple running away from something and who escaped to a deserted planet.

Haven, Now Coming to PS5

Haven is already scheduled to launch for PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One via Xbox Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch. Other PC platforms than Steam are planned as well. More information on the PlayStation 5 version will be made available in the coming months.

Iyane Agossah

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