Haven - The Newest Game From the Developers of Furi - Gets a Stylish Gameplay Trailer

Haven is the latest game from The Game Bakers. The new RPG tells the story of two lovers stranded on a desolate planet.

July 9, 2019

The Game Bakers is the team behind 2016’s Furi. The tough-as-nails action game featured hellacious boss battles that really tested your action game skills. For their next effort, the team is working on an RPG love story called Haven. It’s quite the changeup, but it looks promising so far. The Game Bakers put out a brand new gameplay trailer, which you can watch below.

The first thing you’ll likely notice is the vibrant colors that immediately signal that this is a Game Bakers production. Those moody purples and stunning blues instantly reminded me of playing and watching Furi. This may not be a sequel in story or gameplay, but it certainly sticks to a similar aesthetic. That said, even with a comparable color palette, this game is very obviously going for something new.


Haven is centered around two lovers who are living on a desolate planet. The planet is full of mystery and your duo will need to work together to unravel all of its many secrets. The game is built as a solo experience; however, players can jump in at any point locally and adventure together.

The developers are saying the game is mostly narrative-based, though it does feature some combat. This appears to take the form of something similar to the active time battle system that Final Fantasy fans are likely familiar with. Details about the system were a little light, so I’ll be interested to see exactly why they’re calling the system “innovative”.

Regardless, the game looks to have quite a bit of potential. We’ll know for sure when Haven releases on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 in 2020.


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