We Haven’t Seen Everything That Super Lucky’s Tale Has to Offer

We Haven’t Seen Everything That Super Lucky’s Tale Has to Offer

Super Lucky's Tale has not shown all it has to show, as the developers plan to reveal more skills for their fox mascot leading up to the game's release.

During Microsoft’s Xbox E3 briefing on Sunday, a new fox mascot took the spotlight and introduced viewers to Playful Corp’s Super Lucky’s Tale, a game coming to Xbox One and Windows 10.

Being a sequel to the Oculus VR title Lucky’s Tale, Super Lucky’s Tale puts players in control of an adorable fox named Lucky. The game features platforming mechanics as well as item collecting in a colorful world full of enemies.

After getting some hands on with an early build of Super Lucky’s Tale, DualShockers had the chance to speak with producer Shawn Ketcherside about what players can expect in terms of additional information leading up the game’s release.

During our conversation we asked if there will be new skills and upgrades to Lucky that haven’t been shown, which Shawn gave us an excited, “Yes!” However, he couldn’t divulge anymore than that at this time.

Currently, Lucky is able to dive into the ground as well as spin his tale in order to defeat enemies, which means there’s plenty of room for the developer to reveal new moves for the fox in the future.

Stay tuned for more information from our conversation with Shawn Ketcherside as well as a captured game session from our hands-on time with the game.