Hawken Ramping Up for a Rerelease on Steam

on February 7, 2014 7:36 AM

Free to Play Mech Shooter Hawken will be released on Steam this year, publisher Meteor Entertainment have announced.

The game first launched in 2012, and since then numbers have begun to fall off. Meteor Entertainment is hopeful that by bringing¬†Hawken to Steam, they’ll be able to introduce the title to a brand new audience.

In order to ensure that their servers can cope with the new player numbers, Meteor will initially be limiting how people can access the game. Over the next week, existing players will have their accounts ported to Steam. This will be done in the form of an email sent out prior to the 11th of February, containing a game code to be redeemed on Steam.

After the transitional period has finished, new players will then be able to download the game through Steam.