HBO’s Last of Us Set Photo Could Hint at Major Character Becoming Infected

January 25, 2022

In preparation for her role as Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us, Storm Reid has posted an interesting image of a body scanning booth used for special effects – could we see Riley actually turn into a zombie?

Over the past few months, TLOU fans have been inundated with new and interesting images from behind the scenes of the upcoming HBO show.

We’ve seen new images of Pedro Pascal as he got into the character of the beloved Joel on the Candian set surfaced that showed off the rugged survivor in between takes, footage of Tess, Ellie and Joel walking around the post-apocalyptic streets and more recently, the mall from The Last of Us‘ prequel, Left Behind.

Over on Instagram, Storm Reid – who will play Riley Abel – has shared a really intriguing picture that showcases the outside of a body scanning booth. This has made our minds wander into thinking that viewers may just see Riley turn into a zombie after she’s been bitten.

This juicy bit of information was found on TheLastofUs Updates Twitter page who are always a constant source of news surrounding the HBO show. In the Instagram story, Reid has shown off a picture she has taken of a body scanner with the caption “108 cameras”.

A body scanner like this would typically be used for CGI and special effects purposes and as you can see at the bottom right of the picture, we also witness a palette of colours with the name ‘TLOU – Riley’ on it.

Could this mean that viewers will actually see Riley turn? If you’re not too familiar with the story of this particular part in The Last of Us, Left Behind, Riley was bitten on her palm when she and Ellie tried to fend off a runner and although Ellie, as we know is immune, was also bitten on her arm, Riley, unfortunately, succumbed to the infection and died.

If it is true that HBO’s The Last of Us will go down the route of showcasing Riley’s death and watching her turn into a zombie, it certainly will be a hard watch for fans, especially when we’ll all probably have to endure that Joel and Sarah scene also.

Although we don’t have a firm release date for HBO’s The Last of Us, we do know that it will showcase this year. In the meantime, I’m sure fans will be treated to plenty more of these behind the scenes images and videos.


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