Head Scratcher: Hyperkin Making a Wii HDMI Cable

By Danl Haas

May 15, 2011

In a move that probably takes this week’s “Why Would You Do That” award, hardware manufacturer Hyperkin has announced that it will be producing an HDMI cable for the Wii. It’s being marketed as an alternative to the “hassle” that is the five-plug component cable, providing a simple, one-cable method for connecting your Wii to your PC or HDTV.

That’s all well and good, but I’m not convinced you’d actually WANT to see the graphics from your Wii output in something approaching 1080p.  Not that there aren’t some pretty Wii games out there, but seriously, you’re going to be getting some SERIOUS jaggies with this thing. At least that’s the impression I get. I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong of course, and I’ll have the opportunity to do just that at E3 next month, where Hyperkin will be showing off this product before it hits stores this summer. I’ll let you know how it turns out. The Passport: HDMI cable will retail for $39.99.

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Danl Haas

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