Iceberg Interactive Announces Quirky PC and PS4 Party Game Headsnatchers

Iguanabee and Iceberg Interactive announced a quirky PC and PS4 party game called Headsnatchers, where the goal is to steal your opponents' head.

March 20, 2018

Earlier this month, Iceberg Interactive teased its GDC lineup. One of the titles was their upcoming anti-gravity racing game Antigraviator, while the other was a mysterious party game from Chilean developer Iguanabee. Now that GDC is in full swing, the publisher pulled back to curtain on this project, revealing it to be a PC and PS4 title named Headsnatchers. 

As its title suggests, Headsnatchers is a multiplayer party game where players try to steal their opponents’ wacky-looking customizable heads and score with them in over 25 stages and four different modes that mock things like football, basketball, and soccer. It certainly looks like a unique concept, and will probably garner a nice chuckle from those who try it out based on its concept alone.


Headsnatchers will include both online and offline multiplayer that supports up to four players. When it comes to single player, the game’s main draw is Zombie mode, which has not yet been detailed by the developers. The base game will include over 100 heads at launch, and there will be an in-game visual editor so players can create their own.

Below, you can check out some screenshots of this quirky party game alongside its announcement trailer. Headsnatchers is currently set to launch on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q2 2018.

Tomas Franzese

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