Headsnatchers Brings the Party to Steam Early Access Next Month

Headsnatchers Brings the Party to Steam Early Access Next Month

IguanaBee and Iceberg Interactive announced today that their party game Headsnatchers will be hitting PC via Steam Early Access on July 10.

Iceberg Interactive and Chilean indie developer IguanaBee announced their quirky part game Headsnatchers for PC and PS4 back in March. Today, the pair released a brand new trailer for the game, which reveals that Headsnatchers will be hitting Steam Early Access on July 10.

When it hit Early Access, Headsnatchers will include a single player zombie mode, four local and online multiplayer modes, 25 levels, and 100 customizable heads to choose from. As the game’s title suggests, each mode has players attempting to steal the heads of their opponents and completing objective, like scoring a goal, with them. While there are a hundred pre-set heads, players can also create their own in an editor.

According the developers on the game’s Steam Page, they plan on keeping Headsnatchers in Early Access for around 6 months, though it could be in there longer depending on the changes they want to make. Additionally, the developers do predict that the game’s price will increase when it leaves Early Access.

Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive, commented on showing off Headsnatchers and PAX East, and also explained why they chose to release the game in Early Access:

“We had a lot of fun showing this game at PAX East where people were in fits of laughter playing it. We are eager to start receiving players’ feedback in this early access phase and polish the game with final tweaks.”

Check out the Early Access launch trailer below. Headsnatchers will hit Steam Early Access on July 10, and is slated to release on PS4 later in 2018.