The Heart of Nintendo Switch Is in its Handheld Unit

October 21, 2016

While Nintendo stated today that its new console is first and foremost a home gaming console, the real heart of the Switch’s tech lies within its portable unit; the Dock mostly serves as a charging station with USB ports — which likely will mostly be used to charge stuff.

In a statement to IGN, Nintendo said the purpose of the Dock was to make it “extremely easy to seamlessly switch from playing games on a TV to transition into a portable mode.”

“The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch. The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from. The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an output to the TV, as well as charging and providing power to the system.”

Nintendo has yet to comment on whether the system will have touchscreen support.

The Nintendo Switch launches worldwide March 2017.

Manny Vivas

Manny has been covering video games for more than three years. It's just about all he's good at. That and, well, playing them. He received his B.A. in multimedia and magazine journalism in 2016.

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