Newest Hearthstone Expansion The Boomsday Project Revealed

Newest Hearthstone Expansion The Boomsday Project Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the newest Hearthstone expansion, The Boomsday Project, adding a new keyword and 135 new cards.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment revealed The Boomsday Project, the newest Hearthstone expansion, will be available next month, on August 7.

Like every Hearthstone expansion, there is some overarching theme that connects it to Warcraft lore. This time around, the Goblin scientist Dr. Boom and his nefarious science experience are in the forefront. The Boomsday Project will bring 135 brand new cards to the game including nine new Legendary Spells, Project Spells, and Omega cards.

Each of the nine new Legendary Spells will represent one of the nine Classes. For example, the newly revealed card “Myra’s Unstable Element” will allow Rogue’s to draw the rest of their deck at the cost of just five mana crystals.

The new Project cards will benefit both the caster and their opponent. For example, “Biology Project” will grant each player two mana crystals at a cost of one mana crystal. This seems like a great card for anyone using a ramp deck.

The Omega cards will grant some major benefits to those who have 10 mana crystals. For instance, the “Omega Defender” card is a 2/6 creature with taunt for a cost of 4 mana. That’s okay I guess but, as the card’s Battlecry states, if you have 10 mana crystals, “Omega Defender” will gain +10 attack. So now you have a 12/6 at just four mana cost if you have 10 mana crystals. Again, another card that will probably get used in ramp decks.

The Boomsday Project expansion will also add the new keyword, Magnetic. This will allow you to combine Mech type cards to tackle a big threat. If you place the new Magnetic 2/2 card “Spider Bomb” that has the Deathrattle “destroy a random enemy minion” next to a card like the 4/4 “Clockwork Automaton” that doubles your Hero Power, the two will merge creating a 6/6 minion with both minions abilities.

The newest single-player experience coming to Hearthstone via The Boomsday Project is The Puzzle Lab. Nothing has been specified about the new mode but more will be shared within the next few weeks. You may be able to theorize what you’ll be doing by taking a look at the screenshots below. The Puzzle Lab will be available two weeks after the expansion releases, on August 21.

If you’re feeling eager, starting today, you can pre-purchase The Boomsday Project. The $49.99 bundle will come with 50 card packs from the new expansion, a random golden The Boomsday Project Legendary card, and a Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. The $79.99 mega bundle will come with the aforementioned inclusions, as well as 30 additional card packs (80 in total), and the new Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock Hero.