Hearthstone Expands with New Content and Cards in Blackrock Mountain Adventure

March 6, 2015

With plenty of new releases and upcoming titles being demoed at this weekend’s PAX East 2015, Blizzard took the opportunity to reveal a new piece of content coming to the publisher’s extremely popular card game Hearthstone, with a new piece of content coming titled “Blackrock Mountain Adventure.”

Revealed during a talk at this weekend’s PAX East, Blizzard revealed that the new Adventure will push players into the middle of an epic conflict between clashing forces fighting to control the titular mountain, with new minions and enemies to face, and 31 new cards being added to the game. Seventeen bosses will be added to the game across five “wings” (similar to the structure of the “Curse of Naxxramas” expansion), with each wing being released over the course of five weeks.


In addition to the new “Blackrock Mountain Adventure” content, Blizzard also took to reveal images of the game’s upcoming Android and iPhone versions, which the studio confirmed will be coming in the “next couple of months” for mobile devices.

The “Blackrock Mountain Adventure” content for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will release for PC, Mac, Windows/Android tablets, and iPad in April – the content will cost either 700 in-game gold per wing (five in total), or real money or $6.99 per wing: the entire Adventure in total can be purchased at once for $24.99.

Pre-orders for the content will begin on March 19th alongside an exclusive card back – stay tuned for more information as news develops. In the meantime – you can check out the official cinematic trailer for the new game content below:

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