Hearthstone Patch Nerfs Two Popular Cards

on September 23, 2014 8:27 PM

Blizzard updated Hearthstone yesterday and officially brought changes to two incredibly popular cards.

LeeRoy Jenkins and Starving Buzzard both got hit with sizable nerfs, making them a little more questionable when adding them to your decks than before. LeeRoy is still potent, but his increased mana cost from four to five should prevent players from using one turn kill tricks that are not very fun to play against. Meanwhile, Starving Buzzard’s change is much more significant, going from a two mana, two attack and one health Hunter creature to a five mana, three attack and two health card. The massive change in mana should effectively kill early combos with Unleash the Hounds to prevent Hunters from gaining massive card advantages through its deck milling ability.

Other slight bug fixes were included in the patch, including better optimization on iPad, but was primarily about re-balancing these two cards. Seeing as I’ve been abused by two of my friends for several months by their Starving Buzzard combos, I’m quite enjoying the changes myself. You can download and play Hearthstone for free now on PC and iPad

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