Heave Ho Gets a Truly Ridiculous Versus Mode

Heave Ho Gets a Truly Ridiculous Versus Mode

Heave Ho finally lets you fart your friends into oblivion with zero regrets.

Look, it’s great that a Devolver Digital published game is getting a big share of the spotlight right now. Heck, I rated Fall Guys a 9.5/10 and still play it daily. That said, people looking for chaotic co-op should take a second glance at another Devolver Digital game. Heave Ho is one of the most fun co-op experiences you can have on Nintendo Switch and PC. And today, it received a major update that fully embraces the chaos. Give it a look.

Even though Heave Ho was a fully co-op experience, the real fun comes from screwing with your friends. Sure, working together is great and all, but doesn’t farting them off a cliff sound like a better time? Now, you can do that without feeling like you’re stopping your team’s progress.

The new mode has both solo and team versus. So, you can make a mad dash to the end, climbing over your foes in the process. Or, you and a partner can work together to end a stage as the victors. However, the important thing is that skillful farting just became even more important.

Heave Ho is a truly great party game that all types of gamers can get into. It’s a simple concept that introduces depth in the form of tougher stages. No matter your stick skills, you can have a good time with this one.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, Heave Ho is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Versus update is out now, so get in there and get to farting.