Heavy Gear Assault Brings Mech Battle To The Gladiator Arena

Heavy Gear Assault Brings Mech Battle To The Gladiator Arena


Stompy Bot Productions and MekTek Studios Inc are bringing gamers Heavy Gear Assault, an “over the top” AAA approach to the spectacle of gladiatorial battles and the PC mech battle genre.

Heavy Gear Assault puts players in the armored shoes of war machines known as Gears, and in the role of a Duelist–a pilot who battles for fame and fortune in the highly competitive sports arenas on the planet Terra Nova.

Heavy Gear Assault hopes to give players a balance between long-ranged battles and melee fighting, and utilizes a next-gen engine that shows visible destruction to the environment and the Gears. Damage to particular body parts will change performance, making attacks a tactical choice. The environment itself will become an extension of the players, who will be able to use it as a weapon or for defense depending on their approach.

Stompy Bot and MekTek are working with Dream Pod 9 to make sure that the game is net-gen quality. But the studios are also looking to gamers for help, and have a crowd-sourcing option you can find on their site. If all goes well,  Heavy Gear Assault may come out on next-gen consoles, PC, and even mobile devices.

Check out the teaser and screenshots below, and the Heavy Gear Assault website for more information. Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited at the idea of shouting “Are you not entertained?” in the middle of a mech battle, and stay tuned to DualShockers.com for more news.