Heavy Gear Assault Gets a Single Player Mode

Heavy Gear Assault Gets a Single Player Mode

With the opening of the Kickstarter campaign for the multiplayer mech combat game Heavy Gear Assault fans of the franchise have asked (quite loudly) for a single player mode.

The folks at MekTek have listened, and revised their plans to add  episodic single player gameplay to the title, also changing the stretch goals to include more single player action. At the $800,000 mark the game will include the first episode of the storyline:

This first offline, single-player episode details the initial contact with Earth’s Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF) and sets the stage for Terra Nova’s bid for independence. Bitter enemies will unite to repel the CEF in what will be known as the War of the Alliance. This gripping first episode will be told through the eyes of military veterans turned duelists.

The second episode will be added at $900,000, the third at $950,000, while $1,000,000 will bring a single-player/co-op mission generator.

The studio also published a video with a message from Producer Vince McMullin explaining the change in direction. You can check it at the bottom of this post.

The game gathered $141,758 on the official site and $23,228 on Kickstarter. There’s still a long way ahead and 35 days to go. You can pledge your own support here.