Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition A No-go In US

Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition A No-go In US

As usual, it isn’t too much news when we hear that the US isn’t getting the super-duper version of “Insert name of game here.” It’s actually expected sometimes, to be honest. It’s kind of like when “mature” labeled games get the shaft in countries like Australia – we know that something is going down, we just like to hear confirmation before the ignition of a fit.

A couple of weeks ago there was some news that the upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain was getting the collector’s edition treatment. Nowadays, if a game is getting praise before its release, you can expect for the developers or publishers to whip up a collector’s edition in order to increase revenue while giving gamers a knitted scarf with the game in an aluminum encasing. When it was announced that Heavy Rain would be graced with a collector’s edition, pre-fans (people who rave about something before it’s released) held hands and murmured songs and prayers thanking the almighty deity that is Sony. However, if you were an American doing this, your praises weren’t heard my friends.

Sony has confirmed that the United States will not be getting its hands on the special version of Quantum Dream’s upcoming Heavy Rain. Say wha?

“We will not be carrying this in the US,” a Sony representative told VG247. You hear that, right? The rep didn’t even try to hint that there was a slight chance that, maybe in the future, something was going to come this way in the form of a collector’s edition. In other words for those of you who still with the slightest of hope, it’s a hell no.

If you’re sitting there whimpering and throwing tantrums, you can always get it imported from Britain, which will be having the collector’s edition and will be exclusive to HMV for £40. Once again, I am hating Gary Marston for being English. No worries, though. I have something that the Brits will never ever have: Sizzler! Ha!