Heavy Rain Glitch Exposes Madison

Just in case you didn’t get enough of seeing her sans clothing in the sequence that introduces you to her, you can attempt to pull off this glitch that was found recently in Heavy Rain.  It isn’t surprising that something along these lines has been found, considering we all know there is already a nude model of the poor girl in the game for that very shower scene.  This glitch, though, happens a bit later in the game.  Hit the jump for spoilerific details.  If you don’t want to know, don’t read!

According to Kotaku, after the scene where her and Ethan do the dirty, you can reload the sequence and Madison may appear in the hotel room wearing absolutely nothing.  The player who originally did it declined the kiss (right before the love-making scene), but still triggered the scene anyway, if that makes any difference.

The difference between this naked Madison and the one earlier on in the game?  You have complete control over her during this chapter, as opposed to just running her through the paces of taking a shower without having full control earlier.  If you want to see her in all her glory, head on over to Kotaku, they have a video of someone walking her around the hotel room.  (This video is VERY NSFW.  You have been warned.)

Now, I was contemplating whether or not to even post this news story at all, but I got to wondering – out of all the characters in the game and all the various scenes with those characters, this is the character that glitched, the girl.  And, this is the scene it glitched on, a hotel room scene with her and Ethan right before a possible love-making scene?  Doesn’t sound like so much of a “glitch” now, does it?  What do you guys think?

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