Heavy Rain Intro Leaked

on February 1, 2010 7:19 PM

Pun fully intended, of course.  Get it?  Rain…leak…yeah.  So, the intro for Heavy Rain was leaked onto the wild and wonderful Interwebs today.  It is likely a spoiler for those of you who wish to avoid such things, so here’s your warning.  SPOILER AHEAD.  There, nice and bold for you.  The intro to the game shows off some of the spiffy visuals that we’ve come to expect after seeing numerous screens and video clips over the last several months.

I’m aching to get my hands on Heavy Rain because it represents something different than your typical everyday shooter, action game, platformer or RPG that is filling the rest of the big release slots this spring.  Sony is taking a big gamble (as they even said themselves) on Heavy Rain and how it will connect with the audience, and I really hope it pays off.  We need some good titles that are fun, involving and unique to break apart the long periods when we have nothing but the next Halo or Modern Warfare to play.

Again, if you’re allergic to spoilers, avoid the video below, but if you want something to hold you over until its release later this month, definitely check it out.

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