Heavy Rain – Move Edition Finally Gets Some Screens

Heavy Rain – Move Edition Finally Gets Some Screens


Heavy Rain releases to some critical acclaim earlier this year. Its control scheme was pretty awesome to start with, simply using the DualShock 3 controller, however Sony wants to up the ante by adding PlayStation Move controls to the title, hopefully increasing the realism that the game strives for.


Move support will come in the form of a free patch for owners of the game, plus a new Move Edition of the title will arrive on store shelves this holiday season. The re-release will also support the DualShock 3 controller support of the original title, of course, but it will just have Move support on the disc instead of through a patch.

The first few screens of what the game looks like with Move support have arrived today. There isn’t a graphical update, but hopefully by using our hands the way you actually would, instead of being bound to the controller, it will bump the immersion to the next level. Hit the jump for the goods.