Heavy Rain Moves A Remarkable 1.5 Million Copies

Heavy Rain Moves A Remarkable 1.5 Million Copies


Quantic Dream knew that they had faced many challenges when they released the experimental and very well received Heavy Rain earlier this year. One of these challenges was the likeliness that the title would not sell very. Their groundbreaking interactive drama could very well have flopped, and many would never have known about its sweeping narrative and unparalleled storytelling.


Gladly though, this hasn’t become the case. Initially, 1.5 million copies was what developer David Cage expected the game to sell in its lifespan. Having already surpassed those expectations, he went on to say at GDC Europe that the game should sell a total of 2 million copies by the end of the year. The game’s reception is what Cage attests its success to. It stands at an aggregate score of 90 based on nearly 500 reviews.

Heavy Rain was released exclusively for the PS3 earlier this year. The game’s current Metacritic score is 87 and there is currently a patch in the works that will make the game compatible with the PlayStation Move controller. The patch will be released later this year.