Hedge Your Bets on This Intense New Kid Icarus: Uprising Video

on January 31, 2012 6:00 PM

The newest video from Nintendo for the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising focuses on an interesting new game mechanic. As you defeat enemies, they drop hearts. These items may then be used to lay wagers in a mini game that has the power to adjust the intensity, or difficulty, of the main game.

The trailer shows side-by-side comparisons of what playthroughs of varying intensities look like. The higher the difficulty, the more enemies populate and the more saturated the screen becomes with enemy fire. Video’s after the jump.

Playing on a higher intensity also reaps better rewards from boss encounters, one of the examples used in the trailer being a blade won from a Cerberus encounter. On a lower difficulty setting the First Blade earned is considerably weaker than the one obtained with an intensity of 9.

Some of the level-9 intensity footage looks pretty arduous. The only question now is when and where that little heart-betting mini-game will take place. Kid Icarus: Uprising is due out for the Nintendo 3DS March 23 and our own Emily Putscher is on review duty for that one.

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