Heist: The Score Drops Next Week

on February 25, 2012 12:00 PM

Running with the “guys in fedoras with Tommy guns” theme popularized by games like The Godfather and L.A. Noire, N3V Games is gearing up to release Heist: The Score for Apple iOS and Android movile devices.

The game is set during the roaring twenties, and focuses on an unnamed low-level mafia enforcer who works for a hard hitting mafioso named Salvatore De Luca. De Luca was a force to be reckoned with during the Great War, but without any Germans to fight he has been consumed by greed and corruption. He uses the skills Uncle Sam gave him to rob banks, which, in those days, was apparently the thing to do. The player will work with Sal and his loose-cannon associate Giuseppe Gallo, who, if the trope holds true, will murder a few people early on and make the job that much more difficult for the player.

The game is a fast paced first person rail shooter with period-appropriate weapons and destructible environments. Voice-acted cutscenes move the plot forward, and should be entertaining provided at least one villain shouts “You’ll never catch me alive, Copper!” at some point in the game.

Heist: The Score becomes available March 2nd.

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