Helheim Hassle is a Narrative-focused Metroidvania Where You Detach and Combine Your Limbs to Solve Puzzles

It's time to literally put your head to use and solve the platform puzzles in Perfectly Paranormal's latest narrative adventure Helheim Hassle.

Developer Perfectly Paranormal’s first game was Manual Samuel, a wacky game that saw you in complete control of each and every bodily function of the game’s star. It featured a bonkers narrative and fun gameplay. It only stands to reason that the team’s next game would be even weirder. Helheim Hassle is another narrative adventure with an out-there twist. Your main character can detach and reassemble his body parts to overcome various platform puzzles. It looks as bonkers in motion as it sounds. Check it out below.

At first glance, Helheim Hassle reminds of a game like Headlander. However, there is a ton separating the two games from each other. Sure, they both might be puzzle platformers that require you to find the correct mishmash of parts, but the similarities don’t extend far beyond that. Helheim lets you break down your own body and build it up in fun, new ways. Even in that short, 80-second trailer, we see several different combinations that allow the hero to traverse the world in exciting ways. I’m eager to see what the team can do over a full game, especially considering how inventive Manual Samuel felt.

Helheim Hassle doesn’t yet have a release date, but it looks on track to launch on PC at some point in 2020. This is the second game in Perfectly Paranormal’s Tuesday Trilogy. And, since Manual Samuel eventually came to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, I would be surprised if that doesn’t happen with Hassle as well. Either way, I can’t wait to see if the team can recapture that same magic Manual Samuel had.

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