Hellblade 2 Soundtrack Will Feature Music by Experimental Band Heilung

Hellblade 2 Soundtrack Will Feature Music by Experimental Band Heilung

Following its intense reveal at The Game Awards, Ninja Theory confirmed that Heilung will contribute music to the soundtrack of Hellblade 2.

As part of its several studio acquisitions last year, Microsoft made the surprise announcement that it had acquired the acclaimed developer Ninja Theory to help develop new first-party exclusive titles on its next-generation Xbox platforms. It hadn’t been known just yet what exactly Ninja Theory would be working on, but last night it was revealed that the studio will be working on Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II as its next project, all underscored by an intense and hypnotic trailer featuring the music of Heilung.

Following its reveal at The Game Awards 2019, developer Ninja Theory detailed in a tweet that Heilung, an experimental band from Denmark, Germany, and Norway, will be collaborating with the studio on the soundtrack for the upcoming Hellblade II. The announcement was paired with a photo of the band with Melina Juergens, Ninja Theory’s video editor and the actress behind Hellblade‘s main character, Senua.

The band’s song “In Maidjan” was the music featured in the reveal trailer for Hellblade II, and below you can find the band performing the song live in November 2017. As you can tell from the performance video, it seems like the band is a perfect fit for the tone and style of Hellblade, with their music having roots in the style of “early medieval northern Europe.”

At this time, there isn’t a ton that we know just yet about Senua’s Saga other than that it will be coming to Microsoft’s newly-announced Xbox Series X. However, the reveal trailer for Hellblade II was easily one of my favorites of The Game Awards, and as a huge fan of the original game (and the studio in general), I’m excited to see how Ninja Theory fares in delivering a sequel with the resources of Microsoft behind it.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is currently in development for Xbox Series X, with no release window or date announced for the game just yet.