Hellblade Glavenus - How to Get Its Monstie Egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Stats Explained

Here's how to get the Hellblade Glavenus as a Monstie

By Iyane Agossah

August 5, 2021

Monster Hunter Stories 2 launched on August 5 its second big update, adding tons of content, including the Hellblade Glavenus as an enemy monster and obtainable Monstie Egg – here’s everything you need to know.

  • UPDATE – All the patch notes for the MHST2 Update 2 on August 5

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Update 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Update 2

Where to get the Hellblade Glavenus Monstie Egg

Hellblade Glavenus is a monster that first appeared in Monster Hunter X or Generations in 2015. It’s a Deviant monster of the Glavenus. It’s also one of the monsters with a way cooler name in Japanese, “Dinobalt”. Anyways, as a Monstie, the Hellblade Glavenus is a Power Type, with a pair of Ride Action. The first one is Monster Detection. You can press B to display the location of monsters on the map. The second one is Super Rock Crush. Press B in front of fissured rocks to break them. Rock that can’t be destroyed with the Rock Crush Ride Action can be destroyed with Super Rock Crush.

You can only find the Hellblade Glavenus egg in the special co-op multiplayer expedition quest “Explore, Fire Eggs (★8)”. Needless to say, you’ll have to subjugate the monster first before being able to search its nest, after clearing the quest. The egg of the Hellblade Glavenus is deep black, with deep red patterns on it. Be sure to memorize that as you only have 1 minute to pick the right egg before leaving.

Hellblade stats as a Monstie

As a Monstie, the Hellblade Glavenus, like the other new monster, Boltreaver, has a very high Crit Rate. Moreover, it also has high fire attributes. So you should base your builds around that. Both the Hellblade and the Boltreaver are top-notch Monsties. You definitely should think of adding them to your team and making strategies and builds around them.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam since July 9, 2021. Capcom did a particularly good job with the game, and some of my friends even consider it their favorite JRPG of the year so far. The next update releases in early September.

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