Hellion Arrives on Steam Early Access in January 2017

Hellion Arrives on Steam Early Access in January 2017

Developer Zero Gravity’s upcoming first-person space survival sandbox game, Hellion, will launch on Steam Early Access in January 2017, the studio announced today.

Marko Smiljanic, creative directive at Zero Gravity, explained the game in a statement:

Hellion is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment as well as one another. Set across a single solar system, they will need to survive extreme temperatures, deadly radiation and scavenge for basic resources like air, water, fuel and other items to survive.”

Hellion is the destination of the first space colonization mission of the 23rd century. Millions of people were to wake from cryogenic hibernation 100 years later to settle into their new home. Instead they awoke to find only devastation and ruin: The stations were empty; UN officials were missing; engineers, scientists, law enforcement — all gone. And any sort of rescue team would be more than half a century away … That’s when the scavenging begins.

According to Smiljanic:

“To discover Hellion’s secrets, players will need to find a spaceship and venture beyond the confines of their station to search for intel, resources and valuable equipment. To do so, they will have to find a way to coexist and cooperate with other players, or at least cooperate until they have outworn their usefulness.”

The developer plans to include features like resource gathering, crafting, damage and degradation models for systems and equipment, a maintenance system for ships, and customizable stations and equipment.

If you happen to be at the fifth annual Reboot InfoGamer conference in Croatia this week, the game is playable at booth 8A/10.