Physics Based Space Survival Sim Hellion Released on Steam Early Access

Physics Based Space Survival Sim Hellion Released on Steam Early Access

The devs behind Zero Gravity are trying to live up to their name with their game, Hellion. The survival sim in space will use Newtonian based physics to give space walks and material gathering that extra dose of reality. The first test of these features will be through Steam Early Access which is available now for $24.99 USD.

The game tells the story of human colonists arriving in the Hellion solar system after a cryogenic nap. However, the destination ends up being in complete chaos with empty space stations and derelict crafts. Scavenging may be the only way to survive and as the player you’ll have to decide to work with or against the other remnants of humanity.

This adventure can be tackled solo or in a multiplayer format. With additional players, you ‘can team up to pilot multi-crew ships with realistic navigation, or engage in PvP close quarters combat’. More features will be added to the single and multiplayer aspects of this survival experience. Some of these include:

  • Hacking and security (work in progress)
  • Realistic wound mechanics (work in progress
  • Suite damage and degradation (work in progress
  • Voice chat (work in progress)
  • Radio mechanics (work in progress)
  • FTL communications (work in progress)
  • Gas giant harvesting (work in progress)
  • Weapons (work in progress)
  • Equipment (work in progress)

According to the press release, the current build has the following additions:

“[P]layers [can] salvage derelict station modules in order to obtain parts and resources to build their base and upgrade their own equipment. Hellion colonists can also choose to EVA mine raw resources and refine them into fuel, air and crafting components. Survivors have to exchange the safety of the ship for a thrilling EVA experience as they explore the ruins of mankind’s first interstellar colony in search of intel, resources and equipment.”

Zero Gravity will be using the usual play feedback to refine and tinker with consistent updates to this early version. A patch went live just yesterday so it seems that fixes and improvements should be fast. That’s always good news when you have to rebuild your own colony. Just don’t get trapped in Newtonian orbits out there.

The launch video is available below: