Hello Games’ Sean Murray Shares More on No Man’s Sky; Teases it as “Perfect Fit for Virtual Reality”

Hello Games’ Sean Murray Shares More on No Man’s Sky; Teases it as “Perfect Fit for Virtual Reality”

Today has been a busy morning for Hello Games’ ambitious title No Man’s Sky as the game has officially been confirmed for release starting on June 21, 2016 and with pre-orders for the game having now been opened for the masses, though the studio’s managing director Sean Murray had a few more details to share regarding the massively-scoped game.

Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Murray shared a few more bits of info on the upcoming title that, for many, has been a bit shrouded in mystery since its initial reveal back in December 2013, other than in the game’s broader strokes as a title focused on having players explore an immense galaxy and work their way towards its center.

Murray explained on the idea behind the game’s procedural nature – that no two players would ever have the same game or playthrough with randomly generated galaxies and planets – that “if you built a whole universe–or 18 quintillion planets, or whatever–it’s actually impossible for that to not have some things that repeat, right? Depending on how ingrained somebody’s going to get.” He elaborated further that “there’s only so many different shapes in the world, and “if you went and explored our universe you’d find a whole load of things that repeat, and that “the universe we’re building for No Man’s Sky is similar in that you will of course find things that are similar.”

However, Murray added that “what really matters is that the gameplay experience is really varied and the world you’re in feels really varied,” and that for many players “they’re seeing a really wide, huge variety of stuff and they’re constantly surprised” by what they find while exploring the planets and galaxy of No Man’s Sky.

Murray also provided some (brief) statistics on the number of planets that players can expect to find in the game putting it somewhere in the rough estimate of “18 quintillion,” adding that “if you discover one planet every second, it would take 500 billion years to find all of them.”

In terms of the game’s shared universe and “multiplayer” components, Murray explained that while “the chances of you being in the same space, the actual same planet at the same time as somebody, is something that might never happen,” the team at Hello Games is making sure that players are “aware” when they encounter other players in the world, comparing what will occur as “more of a Journey-esque experience, or Dark Souls-esque kind of thing.”

In particular, Murray also briefly touched upon the notions of virtual reality, as many players have speculated that the title may include support for various devices such as Sony’s PlayStation VR or other VR devices in some capacity.

While Murray didn’t specifically mention or confirm support for VR when speaking to GameSpot, he did state that the game would be a “perfect fit for virtual reality,” and added that “it’s like you’ve asked me when I was five what the future would look like.” Murray explained though that was as far as he could comment.

No Man’s Sky will release for PS4 and PC on June 21st, 2016 in the US, followed by a release in Europe on June 22nd, 2016.