Hello Kitty Online Launches in Europe

While my wife thinks this is an appropriate diversion from shooting people in the head, picking up that next collection quest in Aion or listening to some incredibly cheesy dialog in an RPG, I have my reservations.  Okay, here we go, you know you’re just the slightest bit curious.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Hello Kitty Online has officially gone live in Europe.  If you’re looking for an amazingly pink and fluffy free-to-play MMO, this might be for you!

Hello Kitty Online launches in Europe in five languages – French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.  The game has been improved much since the beta phase and boasts a bevy of features that is sure to capture the minds and hearts (literally) of Hello Kitty enthusiasts.  Here’s some of the key selling points.

  • The charming world of Sanrio, with Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Little Twin Stars, Pochacco and more than a hundred additional horribly violent adorable characters.
  • Unique character customization with thousands of options, including deadly weapons, facial scars, hair, makeup, clothes, accessories, tools and more.
  • Exquisitely designed game zones.
  • A sophisticated farming system that lets players create gorgeous gardens and harvest various goods in order to generate income and raw materials.
  • A pet system that allows players to raise venomous, flesh-eating bunnies keep multiple pets and create new pet breeds.
  • Sophisticated house construction system with countless decorating options.
  • Full-featured crafting system.
  • Entertaining mini-games.
  • Focus on community and family-friendliness.
  • Fully integrated community tools including blogs, e-mail and video sharing.

If this sounds like your thing, hop on over to the official site to download the client and jump right into this treacherous and soul-crushing cute and charming world.

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