Hellpoint Kickstarter Launches, Trying to Put Dark Souls in Space

Hellpoint Kickstarter Launches, Trying to Put Dark Souls in Space

Cradle Games' Hellpoint is a split-screen take on the Souls genre, looking to come to PC, PS4, Xbox One and maybe even Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve been looking for a more robust lineup of Souls-like games, then pay attention: Hellpoint by Cradle Games just launched its Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign. While hit box porn and survival action take the main stage in gameplay, the prospective PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title takes the genre to space, while also offering local co-op splitscreen options.

Taking place on a space station orbiting around a black hole, the player begins the game being 3D printed (yes, seriously) after an apocalypse style accident. You are tasked simply with “finishing the undone,” and (according to the game’s description) your actions have consequences.

Staples to the genre, and growing trends in the industry — namely crafting, random map generation, and survival elements — make an appearance, and for a better idea of what lies ahead Cradle Games has offered a pre-alpha demo (found in the Steam page above). Most interestingly, the game supports split-screen co-op and PvP options where progress and treasure is shared.

Currently the game is looking for slightly more than $37,000 in backing and with 31 days to go is nearly $7,000 to it’s goal (about 18%). If the game is able to reach about $74,500, Cradle games will even be trying to get the game on Nintendo Switch. Speaking to DualShockers, Cradle Games mentioned that “the greenlight is much better than [they] expected” with Hellpoint in the top 100.

Canada based developer Cradle Games is composed of veteran developers from both Ubisoft and Activision, who all have experience with Assassin’s CreedCall of DutyStar Wars and more.

Check out the gallery of images (below) as well as the Greenlight trailer that went live last weekHellpoint — if successfully funded — plans to come to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in Early 2018. If any of the above seems right up your alley (and if that alley is dark, creepy, and full of monsters looking to strike you down), check out Hellpoint‘s Kickstarter campaign.