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Remember No Time to Explain? I forgive you if you don’t, there are so many awesome indie games coming out all the time it’s hard to keep track of them all. An announcement trailer came out for the game awhile back, and our own Allen Park was GUSHING over the title (and in turn got me doing the same). Well the developers aren’t made of money, and they’ve started a fundraiser on KickStarter to help raise the money to make the game. Donation rewards are listed below, but the main one to note is that if you fund at least $5, that will be your payment for the game when it launches as opposed to it’s $10 launch price. Not bad.

Note that every increased level includes the items in the levels listed above it as well.

  • Donate $1: get a hi-res poster emailed to you
  • Donate $5: get the game when it launches on PC/Mac
  • Donate $25: become a part of No Time to Explain with access to a level editor and the beta. If you make a fun enough level in the beta, it can make it to the final game with you credited as a Level Designer.
  • Donate $50: Receive the official Soundtrack on launch day (which won’t be available for awhile otherwise)
  • Donate $150+: Get ad-space in the game, specifically at the 0:27 mark of the trailer

Not a bad deal at all. Donate if you can and especially if you’re interested, and help make this wonderful looking game a reality.

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John Colaw

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