Help Parents Buy Good Games with the VGVN

Help Parents Buy Good Games with the VGVN


I’m going to guess that since you’re on this website, you’re accustomed to seeing a game or two under the tree (or menorah) with your name on it around this time of year. And since you’re smart, you know the kinds of games to ask for and how to avoid the crap. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as smart and good looking as you, so the Video Game Voters Network is asking for your help in advising parents on how to buy games for their kids. It can be tough for a parent wandering into a GameStop and being bombarded by walls of games they’ve never heard of and trying to choose the right one for their kid, so if you’ve got any advice for them, head over to their website and give a few tips. The tips could be about anything, really, but the VGVN has a few prompts to get you thinking:

  • How do you know if a game is appropriate for a child?
  • Where can you find recommendations for games a kid will enjoy?
  • And once the gifts are unwrapped and the controllers out, what tips do you have for parents to enjoy games with their children?

So if you’ve got a few minutes this weekend, please take the time to think of a few things to tell the lost, ignorant parents this holiday season. It could really make a difference in the life of some young gamer who would much rather play Zelda than Imagine Babiez.