Henry Cavill’s Injury and Another Lockdown Could See The Witcher Delayed

Henry Cavill’s Injury and the UK lockdown could see a delay to The Witcher Season Two.

February 2, 2021

Netflix’s The Witcher roared out the gate in late 2019 to become a fan favorite and in the process became one of Netflix’s top shows. For Henry Cavill and The Witcher fans, the thought of another delay is not something you would want to think about. The show has already been through the wringer with a host of problems that included two cases of COVID-19 hitting the studio, and poor Henry Cavill who went and hurt his leg last month. But according to Cavill’s Instagram account, the actor is limited to what he can do due to his injury and also with another lockdown present in the UK, another setback for the popular show could be on the cards.


Over on Cavill’s Instagram account, he states that he is currently in rehab throughout the week as he tries to get his leg in tip-top shape after an accident on an assault course filming for The Witcher season two. He also goes onto say that the morning times “are rough, but I do always get to see the dawn by the time I’m finishing up.” That being said, even when Cavill’s leg injury becomes much better, the lockdown that is currently in place in the UK could make matters much more difficult. There are exceptions to the lockdown rule for the likes of the film industry but if the current situation in the UK doesn’t get any better, the government could put the breaks on.

The production team of The Witcher is currently holed up in the Arborfield Studios and little gets out behind the walls so no other information is available to state whether a delay is possible but the team and cast’s safety is the most important matter at this time. Here’s hoping we get some updates soon, so stay tuned to DualShockers as always for more news regarding Netflix’s The Witcher.

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix now and if you wish, be sure to check out our own review for the Netflix series here as you wait to get a look at season two.


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