Here are Some Facts You May Not Have Known About Upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2

Here are Some Facts You May Not Have Known About Upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2

The Resident Evil panel at this year’s NYCC revealed some interesting facts about Resident Evil Revelations 2, including its setting, why it was decided to make it episodic and a teaser for the “making of” video for the live-action trailer.

It was revealed that the reason for making Revelations 2 episodic was for the community aspect. The development team wanted to see fans react, speculate and discuss each new chapter and what might happen in the future, in order to foster more anticipation.

As fans may already know, Claire is kidnapped and wakes up in a prison cell on a mysterious island. That fact is a direct reference to Resident Evil Code: Veronica‘s opening. This title as a whole is filled with such homages and easter eggs for players to discover.

As for the setting itself, the island was chosen to keep the claustrophobic feel so integral to horror games, including the first Revelations and the early Resident Evil titles.

A new enemy type, called the Afflicted, will make their first appearance. Victims of a failed experiment, they haven’t completely lost their humanity but have lost their sense of self and will aggressively attack when anyone gets close. They are not traditional zombies and are not the game’s only foe.

Fans were also able to get a glimpse of a “making of” video, showing how the live-action trailer was made. The party scene took half a day to set-up alone, but filming only took the rest of that day to finish up.

The video was filmed in a warehouse with about 100 staff members working together. Twin girls both worked together to portray one little girl character due to child labor laws preventing children from working more than six hours consecutively.