Here Are the Most Popular amiibo By Region

Here Are the Most Popular amiibo By Region

Nintendo’s Stockholder Meeting was a treasure trove of news-worthy gems, be it the release information and details for Nintendo’s first mobile game, unified account system, or new rewards program. However, there is also a fair amount of interesting trivial, like what are the most popular amiibo by region? Calculating the 20.5 total amiibo sold since launch, here is the breakdown according to Nintendo:


  1. Inkling Girl (Splatoon Series)
  2. Splatoon Squid/Ika (Splatoon Series)
  3. Inkling Boy (Splatoon Series)
  4. Mario (Super Mario Series)
  5. Classic Color Mario (8-Bit Series)
  6. Modern Color Mario (8-Bit Series)
  7. Isabelle (Winter Clothing) (Animal Crossing Series)
  8. Kirby (Smash Bros. Series)
  9. Mega Yarn Yoshi (Yarn Yoshi Series)
  10. Digby (Animal Crossing Series)

North America:

  1. Link (Smash Bros. Series)
  2. Bowser (Smash Bros. Series)
  3. Toon Link (Smash Bros. Series)
  4. Mewtwo (Smash Bros. Series)
  5. Sonic (Smash Bros. Series)
  6. Pikachu (Smash Bros. Series)
  7. Classic Color Mario (8-Bit Series)
  8. Pac-Man (Smash Bros. Series)
  9. Mega Man (Smash Bros. Series)
  10. Ganondorf (Smash Bros. Series)


  1. Classic Color Mario (8-Bit Series)
  2. Link (Smash Bros. Series)
  3. Splatoon Squid/Ika (Splatoon Series)
  4. Mega Yarn Yoshi (Yarn Yoshi Series)
  5. Mario (Super Mario Series)
  6. Mario (Smash Bros. Series)
  7. Pikachu (Smash Bros Series)
  8. Inkling Boy (Splatoon Series)
  9. Toad (Super Mario Series)
  10. Inkling Girl (Splatoon Series)

The list showcases some interesting things — Mario is a hit in Europe, while Splatoon’s success in Japan translates to amiibo sales, and The Legend of Zelda is well-represented in North America. Also, North America exclusives place high in Japan, showing that imports may be be contributing to certain amiibo success stories.