Here Is If Apex Legends Mobile Coming To iOS Devices

May 16, 2022

Apex Legends is all set to release soon for mobile devices and fans are quite curious to know if the game will be coming to iOS devices or not.

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After a long wait, fans will finally get a chance to play the game tomorrow but there are certain things some of them are quite unsure about.

Here Is If Apex Legends Mobile Coming To iOS Devices

Many players are quite curious to know whether Apex Legends mobile will be coming to iOS devices. Well, the good news is that Apex Legends Mobile is indeed coming to iOS Devices. While that might be good news for many fans out there, it should be noted that all Apple devices will be able to run Apex Legends Mobile just like that. You can find the complete system requirements of Apex Legends Mobile on iOS devices below.

  • iPhone 6S or later
  • OS version: 11.0 or later
  • CPU: A9
  • 4 GB free space
  • At least 2 GB RAM

The game will be launching on iOS devices on the same day as its Android counterpart, so players don’t actually have to waste any time waiting for the iOS release of the game. When it comes to the pre-registration process, this is slightly different as compared to the Android version of the game. The Android version of the game can be pre-registered for using the Google Play Store page of the game, however, that is not the case with the iOS version.

To pre-register for the iOS version players have to head to the Apex Legends Mobile website and enter their details in the form provided on the website. Once you have done that, your pre-registration should be done and you will be able to access the game. So what are the exact benefits of pre-registering for the game you might ask?

Well, there is plenty. Like some of the other games, there are several rewards at various milestones. At the time of writing this article, there are about 15.5 million pre-registrations which adds a number of skins, Holospray, and several other rewards for players. The last reward unlocks at 25 million pre-registrations.

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